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hello, my name is stephie.

i used to be purplette.


"at last men came to set me free;
i ask'd not why, and reck'd not where;
it was at length the same to me,
fetter'd or fetterless to be,
i learn'd to love despair,"

~ byron


"i never was hard or self-sufficient enough. when people are soft - soft people have got to court the favour of hard ones, stella. have got to be seductive - put on soft colours, the colours of butterfly wings, &glow - make a little - temporary magic just in order to pay for - one night's shelter! (...) &so the soft people have got to - shimmer&glow - put a - paper lantern over the light... but i'm scared now - awf'ly scared. i don't know how much longer i can turn the trick. it isn't enough to be soft. you've got to be soft and attractive. &i - i'm fading now!"
- tennesse williams, a streetcar named desire.

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